What I look for in an early retirement blog

3 thoughts on “What I look for in an early retirement blog”

  1. Steve, I’m honored to be included in your list. Thank you!

    What you have to say is spot on. Writing is everything. I think the best bloggers are those who have a real passion for the written word. If you’re just in it to make money, it will show.

    What I enjoy about the FI blogging community is the incredible diversity. For example, Frugalwoods have put forth some really solid,well thought out posts on home improvement. Here is one onhow to finish cabinets: http://www.frugalwoods.com/2014/05/03/how-to-refinish-kitchen-cabinets-part-1/

    Jason from Dividend Mantra provides clear and well though out information about his moves in the stock market. I’m not a dividend guy, but I still enjoy reading his stuff.

    MMM doesn’t care about the status quo. He is an independent thinker who comes up with unique ideas in all sorts of areas. It’s not an understatement to say that he is one of the smartest person I’ve come across in my life.

    Of course, the common thread is that all of these folks write good and amusing content.

    A prosperous new year to you Steve and FI community!

  2. Love your post on this topic. I’m still early in my blog writing days but I strive to be on the same page as these blogs that you mentioned in the near future.

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