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Here’s a question: Is it worth pursuing degree programs in fields with statistically low salaries and high unemployment, even if you love the topic? That depends. How quickly are you looking to retire? Also, how strong is your love of money? The debate rages on, and its a hotly contested one. Nobody wants to spend […]

How to manage student loans for college like a boss

Published November 11, 2015   Posted in How to Think

As much as I generally dislike the idea that college is a necessity for everybody, statistics overwhelmingly¬†prove that those with college degrees not only earn significantly more money over a lifetime, but also enjoy lower unemployment and a more fulfilling work life. College degrees are becoming more and more valuable, and college graduates earn an […]

Five gems that I wish I knew in college

Published March 17, 2015   Posted in Having some fun

The learning never stops – well, perhaps I should say that the learning should never stop.¬† I like to think that every year I am a little wiser than the previous, and that I am better prepared to confront the world and my life with the newly-found knowledge of the previous year. Today, I sit […]