How to manage student loans for college like a boss

As much as I generally dislike the idea that college is a necessity for everybody, statistics overwhelmingly prove that those with college degrees not only earn significantly more money over a lifetime, but also enjoy lower unemployment and a more fulfilling work life. College degrees are becoming more and more valuable, and college graduates earn an … Continue reading How to manage student loans for college like a boss

Five gems that I wish I knew in college

The learning never stops – well, perhaps I should say that the learning should never stop.  I like to think that every year I am a little wiser than the previous, and that I am better prepared to confront the world and my life with the newly-found knowledge of the previous year.

College TextbooksToday, I sit here as a 33-year old stooge who wants to retire by 40, thinking back to my college days and how far that I’ve come.  I’m preparing to retire by 40, and holy shit, this is actually going to happen!  Of course in college, early retirement was the last thing on my mind.  But now, I can’t get it out of my mind.

Actually, I kinda want it to stick around up there in the ol’ noggin.  It keeps me focused.  Please don’t leave, thoughts of early retirement.  Please don’t.  I like you. Continue reading “Five gems that I wish I knew in college”