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Here’s a question: Is it worth pursuing degree programs in fields with statistically low salaries and high unemployment, even if you love the topic? That depends. How quickly are you looking to retire? Also, how strong is your love of money? The debate rages on, and its a hotly contested one. Nobody wants to spend […]
I am not a big fan of school. Our one-size-fits-all approach to educating our nation’s younger population does our entire society a disservice, and we are saddling some truly amazing teachers with the burdens of a broken and incomplete system. And it all starts at the lowest levels of education. Think grade school. It’s education for […]

How to manage student loans for college like a boss

Published November 11, 2015   Posted in How to Think

As much as I generally dislike the idea that college is a necessity for everybody, statistics overwhelmingly prove that those with college degrees not only earn significantly more money over a lifetime, but also enjoy lower unemployment and a more fulfilling work life. College degrees are becoming more and more valuable, and college graduates earn an […]
I was at the gym the other day – in the morning on a weekday because I quit my “I’m a prestigious manager” job and now work from home and design my own schedule – and couldn’t help but notice a guy walk up to some middle-aged woman using a treadmill next to me.  He […]
It was not long ago when I thought that spending four years in college and getting a degree was the only “real” way to make a living in this country, and that anyone who found work another way somehow isn’t doing it right, or at the very least, was not as qualified. But, that was before […]