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Guest post: 5 money habits of the epically frugal

Happy weekend! I am writing more and more for the DealsPlus.com blog and my latest contribution talks about the 5 habits of the epically frugal. Check out the habits of true money masters. As far as I'm concerned, there are three types of people in this world. There are those who overspend like crazy. Others spend almost nothing. And then there are folks in the middle, "who have mastered the fine art of money management to the point where every dollar spent results in undeniable happiness, ever
Feb 20, 2016·1 min read
Guest Posts

Guest post: The frugal way to manage your credit cards

Hey everyone! I come to you once again with another guest post, this time on a newer financial blog over at DealsPlus.com. Today, I am writing about credit cards and how to take full advantage of them and all of their benefits. For example, did you know that credit cards offer benefits like rental car insurance and even price-match guarantees? It's amazing what some credit cards offer that most consumers never take advantage of...much less know about. Read my full guest post over at DealsPlus.c
Feb 4, 2016·1 min read
Guest Posts

Money Mozart guest post: Writing Your Retirement Letter

Happy Thursday everyone! I have a treat for you fine people! Today I come to you with a guest post I wrote for the wonderful Money Mozart blog about how to write your retirement letter, a process that may seem easy and straightforward but, in reality, takes some serious guts to pull off. For example, do you tell your boss that you're retiring, or simply "leaving your job"? Do you leave the door open for future work or walk out like you'll never speak to any of those people ever again? Will you
Jan 28, 2016·1 min read
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Our lunch with retirement blogger Just One More Year

Yesterday was a day that I thought would never come, the day where my wife and I actually sat down to have lunch with another personal finance blogger. We met at a Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ and talked retirement, goals and generally about what makes us happy. We met up with Bryan and Dianne from Just One More Year . I am continuously amazed at how open and warm the early retirement community is. So many of us are supportive of what each other are doin
Dec 6, 2015·2 min read
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Achieving your Permanent Paradise

In 2014 we took a week-long trip to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. One of my favorite things when traveling to places like this is when the plane is getting close to landing. The temperature in the cabin gets warmer and warmer. You know you're getting close.
Jul 16, 2015·8 min read
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Guest Post: How I Retired with $1 Million by 30 – Not!

I admit it – I have always hated articles that feature a 30-something who successfully retired in his or her 30s and is living the life of their dreams (and most likely traveling across the world), happy as a freaking clam.
Apr 18, 2015·1 min read
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The art of staying positive

Last week my family and I spent 5 days at Walt Disney World, known by many to be the happiest place on earth. My two nieces (9 and 6 years old) were there to experience the magic with us adults. Though we all had a ton of fun, it was still interesting how easy it was for the kids, who got to miss a week a school and spend several days at Disney World, to complain about everything that went wrong.
Mar 6, 2015·1 min read