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Question time: Do you want respect or pay?

Picture yourself in this scenario: You are at work sitting around a conference table with the CEO (or some other high level manager) and a few of your coworkers. You are discussing something that will literally make or break the company. Make the right decision and your company flourishes. Make the wrong one and, well, you might be passing around your resume.
May 6, 2015·2 min read
Financial independence

What does Financial Independence mean to you?

Financial Independence is one of those terms that enjoys a broad following. It means different things to different people, and we all have our own special way of defining what this phrase, and especially the meaning behind it, truly means to each and every one of us.
Apr 23, 2015·7 min read

Lookie there! Spend money on experiences, not things!

Over the last couple of years, my wife and I have transitioned over to a philosophy of spending money on experiences rather than stuff - like trips to Sedona, Disney World, Glacier National Park for my birthday this coming July...even a pumpkin patch last October to get us into the mood for Halloween.
Apr 13, 2015·3 min read
Financial independence

Our amazing world: Last night's halo

I went out into the backyard with my dog to check things out - again, nothing. I suppose it was a false alarm. But, just as I was about to call it a night and return to our comfy couch, I looked up and saw something amazing. It was one of the biggest, brightest and beautiful halos around the moon that I've ever had the privilege of witnessing.
Mar 30, 2015·2 min read
Financial independence

Lookie there! Apply intermittent fasting techniques to your spending habits

Today's topic is courtesy of Travis Pizel from Enemy of Debt, and he wrote about applying the principles of intermittent fasting, which is a dieting (read: "lifestyle") technique where food is only consumed within an 8-hour window of time each day, to your spending habits.
Mar 24, 2015·2 min read
Financial independence

A Yahoo report on finances that actually makes sense?

You won't believe what I found online today - it was a Yahoo Finance story about a Yahoo columnist and author who believes that useless increases in the cost of the so-called "American Dream" are sending middle class Americans deeper and deeper into debt. The miraculous element of this story is what the author claims is the cause of this phenomenon: their own spending.
Feb 8, 2015·3 min read

Using Etsy to generate passive income

A couple weeks ago, I opened up a store on Etsy - one of the Internet's most-visited creative selling services - to start getting my hands wet selling some of my favorite photographs online - before retirement.
Jan 29, 2015·4 min read
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Live like you're poor, feel like you're rich

What if I told you that the poorer you feel, the richer you become? The instant you shed the need for stuff, you begin a journal down a path that is damn near amazing.
Nov 18, 2014·3 min read