Using Etsy to generate passive income

4 thoughts on “Using Etsy to generate passive income”

  1. I have a Nikon 5100 and some good photos taken with it (we did travel quite a bit in the past years) and would love to do something similar. I’ll probably stick to creating templates though (logos, photoshop templates) and maybe sell some drawings (made one so far :)).

  2. First off…love your site. I’m 34 and like you have come around to looking for financial independence as early as possible. I’ve always saved but never really looked too deeply into investing or passive income until semi-recently. My wife is a pretty talented designer and I’ve always told her to start putting templates up on Etsy or some similar site. Do you have any more information on that? Or any other recommendations on sites that would sell templates for cheap? I might just end up doing it myself as an extension of our current blog. Just looking for ideas.

    1. Hi Nate,

      First, thanks for the kind words and for stopping by. Etsy is a pretty good source for a lot of things creative. When you say that your wife designs templates, what kind of templates are you talking about? Web design templates, or something else?

      I will say that the benefit to using Etsy is the exposure that’s possible. That site gets 10s of thousands of hits every day, and having some quality content available is probably a good thing to consider doing. But, designing something into your blog is probably equally viable, especially if you have decent readership numbers.

      What I’d really like to start doing to supplement my income is offer my photography services…but hey, one step at a time I suppose. 🙂

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