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Don't let early retirement box you into stupid corners

How many of you good people have , those money challenges are common. But, I haven't entered a single one of them. Not because they're useless. Not because they are harmful. It's because I don't need to enter a contest to see ho
Dec 6, 2018·4 min read
Change Your Life

Living the dream after turning $2.26 into a million

The fluorescent light smothers me. My breaths are shallow and tense. The air is stale because my office manager doesn't replace the air filters. The windows don't open. It's so bright I can't see. I'm in an office building, in an office park, in a suburb, at a job that takes me almost two hours to get to each day. It's like this every day. The dull pull of a routine that over the years, slowly, but unknowingly, settles us into sameness. Somedays I can't even remember what day it is. I wake up,
Jul 25, 2018·6 min read
Change Your Life

Think of your life as a blog post that went viral

I have a strange way of connecting different concepts in my head, and recently I stumbled on perhaps the weirdest connection of all: Blog posts that went viral and how those posts relate to living our lives in a way that's not boring. Going viral isn't always a good thing , but for the most part, it generally kicks ass. We get exposure. Our stuff is seen by thousands (or millions) of people. Face it, it's kinda cool. Most of us bloggers want our stuff
Jul 18, 2018·6 min read
Change Your Life

Live your epic new life

The changes we make are designed to maximize our happiness every day of our lives. What's it like to live your epic permanent paradise? What is it like to live a life we designed? To be financially free? To be able to wake up every morning genuinely happy and fulfilled with our lives? Living your epic life could mean so many different things, like: * Quitting your full-time job * Location independence * Traveling the world * Paying off debt * Starting a successful side hustle * Earning c
Jun 7, 2018·4 min read
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What would make you not retire early?

What would make you not retire early and keep working? Here's my answer, and I also asked a bunch of other personal finance bloggers to fork over their insight, too. Amazing answers!
Apr 27, 2018·8 min read
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This extreme cyclist retired early before it was a thing

In 2002, Al Brody retired early at the age of 43. Before personal finance made its way into the blogosphere, without finance-related apps that so many of us use today to help us save, this Air Force Lieutenant Colonel called it quits to pursue a life of freedom and happiness. And a ton of cycling. This article contains a couple affiliate links. Using those links throws a few quarters in my pocket at no additional cost to you. Here's my disclosure . I met
Dec 21, 2017·4 min read
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Performance review: One year anniversary of early retirement

In December of 2016, I officially called it quits from full-time work . Hopefully, forever. I remember my last day vividly - I did virtually nothing that was work-related. My manager allowed me to ride out the last day on the company's overhead budget to free up some project money, and away I went. I took a few moments to reflect on what was happening. I had done it. Finally. After all those months of saving and investing, through all those time
Dec 13, 2017·6 min read

What is it like making over $900,000 a year?

Interview with Michele of MakingSenseofCents who is making $900,000 a year or more. Believe it or not, she lives just like the large majority of us. She values money at least as much as I do. Even with her incredibly high income, she still thinks about every purchase made.
Oct 20, 2017·5 min read
Guest Posts

Would you delay early retirement to travel? This couple would!

Happy Friday, one and all! Today, I have a guest post from a couple who are just a few short years away from early retirement. But instead of charging through to the finish line, they are taking a gap year and delaying retirement. I love their style! Imagine this scenario: You're a healthy, young couple with a decent income and some good financial habits. You discovered the world of financial independence and early retirement not long after starting your jobs at age 23 and have been saving aggre
Oct 13, 2017·8 min read
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What an incredible summer of early retirement

As fall slowly envelopes the United States, I need to take this opportunity to reflect on our first summer as early retirees. We traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest all summer long, and it was an amazing experience. My wife and I - along with our two dogs, cruised throughout the Northwest without a care in the world (well, mostly). We got up whenever we wanted. We napped when we felt tired. We hiked. We swam. We did everything that we thought we'd do without the confines of a full-time job
Sep 24, 2017·3 min read
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An inspiring story from a Yellowstone geyser

As I was clamoring around Imperial Geyser in search of the perfect photo vantage point, I caught Tina's eye. She immediately froze and took a second (and third) look. "Do I know you from somewhere?" she asked. "Hmm...I don't think so," I replied. But, she did. She knew us, but we didn't know her. She's a viewer of our YouTube channel, A Streamin' Life . She recognized this beautiful face and, luckily for us, said something. What truly a
Sep 4, 2017·2 min read

I lost my six-figure income and I’m much happier

Trust me when I tell you that six-figure jobs aren't always what they are cracked up to be. I had one and quickly demoted myself. So did the blogger that I'm about to feature in today's post - only, this blogger wishes to remain anonymous. So, no links back to their blog. And without further ado - tell us about your story of a successful demotion! I sat in my one-on-one meeting with my boss Megan*, internally telling myself, "Don't cry! Don't cry!" I pictured Tom Hanks from, "A League of Their
Aug 2, 2017·6 min read