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My side hustle idea; whatcha think?

Raise your hand if you're sitting in a half-full office today? The week of Thanksgiving, every office I've ever worked in was at least half empty. It was one of my favorite times to be at the office, actually. It was slow. And, I didn't have to take PTO! And, you're probably making the rounds throughout the blogosphere with those folks who've actually posted something today - like this article, which is quickly turning into something relatively meaningless... I've published this post to say som
Nov 21, 2017·3 min read
Guest Posts

How living in a 52 square foot room improved this guy's life

And I thought my wife and I were living small in our 200 square foot Airstream. Not when you compare us to this guy, who calls a room no bigger than 52 square feet his real home. Meet GuyOnFire . Now, check out this dude's super creative living situation. I live in a 52 square foot room and it has improved my life in some wickedly bizarre ways. Some may not consider it a room and many even refer to it as a "Harry Potter cupboard'. Normally, my writings on house hacking
Nov 3, 2017·6 min read
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The market is doing so well the sky must be falling

The financial climate in the United States is an interesting one: On one hand, the market is doing insanely well. We're all making money hand over fist. But on the other, folks are dreading the looming swing the other way. And, it will. We all know it will. "Overvalued!" "A recession is coming!" "Stocks will soon be on sale!" Ugh...please! Apparently, the stock market is doing so darn well that soon the sky will fall. But, that's the wrong attitude. Enjoy the damn ride For the love of all thing
Aug 5, 2017·2 min read
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Minimalism sucks: Wrong word for a positive movement

Though I have written in some detail about our desire to downsize (minimize) our possessions and live a more simple (read: minimal?) lifestyle, my goal is not to become a minimalist. In fact, I do not believe that the concept of minimalism is all that helpful in our path towards financial independence and early retirement.
Jul 12, 2017·4 min read
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What grade school teaches us about our future

If you like to learn (and since you're reading this blog, the answer is definitely "YES"), then grade school was where it was at. Go back to school next year with another $50k in your investment portfolio; or hell, if you don't yet have a retirement account, open one.
Jun 23, 2017·4 min read
Guest Posts

I paid off my mortgage loan in less than 8 years

A Mortgage loan is typically our largest debt, and here is how I was able to murder my mortgage in eight years and start saving REAL money.
Feb 15, 2017·8 min read

Talking Money Over Turkey // Breaking the Family and Money Taboo

Hey folks! I am absolutely delighted to bring you another guest post today, this time from the one and only Our Next Life . They are two awesome mountain-dwellers who have taken their financial freedom by storm and have a lot to be thankful for. Today, they are writing about talking money over turkey. Let's go! Mr. and Ms. Our Next LifeThanks so much for hosting me, Steve! I’m delighted to be here on Think Save Retire. Thanksgiving is hands-down my favorite holiday.
Nov 16, 2016·6 min read
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How to make $100 worth a whole hell of a lot

When you're working full-time and bringing in $100,000 a year, a $100-spot probably doesn't seem like all that much.
Oct 26, 2016·4 min read

That time I was almost bat-shit stupid...again

Back in 2010, I did something dumb. Okay, not just dumb, but certifiably bat-shit stupid. To this day, I kick myself every time I look at it. I mean, I "like it" I suppose, but it's just an object. A "thing". Why did I spend so much money on this thing? And believe it or not, a few years down the line I almost committed an even bat-shittier, stupider crime against my future self. I damn near went into further debt to upgrade that bat-shit stupid thing I bought in 2010! A sign on the wall damn
Oct 19, 2016·4 min read
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Choosing to be homeless: How I'd live out of my car

If I ever chose to be homeless, this is how I'd do it. I would live in my car, spend time in co-working spaces and use their refrigerators to store food.
Jul 25, 2016·4 min read
Tiny homes

Is the tiny home movement a fad, or is it here to stay?

It seems like stories about tiny home living and downsizing your lifestyle are all over the place these days. Is it all just a fad or is it here to stay?
May 25, 2016·4 min read
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Magic of the stock market revealed in a year

This morning I continued my weekly ritual of glancing at how our stocks are doing in the market. Hey, look at that - another up-tick. Believe me, the realization that just a few months ago, I was about $80,000 poorer is definitely not lost on me. But as of today, all our losses over the past year have been regained - and then some. Looking back over our investment portfolio's recent history, I realized something amazingly powerful. To anyone who doesn't quite understand the stock market and how
May 18, 2016·4 min read