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Why I may never own a home again

I thought owning my own home was the American Dream. In the U.S., this supposedly represents some form of success...a badge of honor. Nonsense!
Apr 11, 2016·9 min read

We bought our Airstream!

We bought a 2005 Airstream Classic from a dealership up in Mesa, AZ as our next home and take delivery of it March 31st.
Mar 7, 2016·6 min read
Guest Posts

Guest post: 4 ways to decrease your tax burden

Happy weekend everyone! I come to you with a guest post about our favorite subject in the world to talk about. That's right, taxes! As insanely complex as our tax system is, knowing as much as you can about how it all works is the key to minimizing overpaying for your tax burden. In general, the more you know, the less you pay. In this article, I talk about the importance of setting up your withholding so you aren't giving the government an interest-free loan throughout the year. I also discuss
Feb 27, 2016·1 min read
How to Save

Why most people will never get rich

I think a lot when I'm pulling weeds, and I got a lot of thinking done over the past few days. This week, I spent several hours pulling those small green devil stalks in our backyard, and I got to thinking about a subject that I've pondered off and on for YEARS - why won't most people ever become rich? Or, build some serious wealth ? At one point in time, I simplistically chalked this up to income. Most people are not pulling down seven figures a year,
Feb 10, 2016·3 min read
Guest Posts

Guest post: The frugal way to manage your credit cards

Hey everyone! I come to you once again with another guest post, this time on a newer financial blog over at DealsPlus.com. Today, I am writing about credit cards and how to take full advantage of them and all of their benefits. For example, did you know that credit cards offer benefits like rental car insurance and even price-match guarantees? It's amazing what some credit cards offer that most consumers never take advantage of...much less know about. Read my full guest post over at DealsPlus.c
Feb 4, 2016·1 min read
How to Think

Tiny homes and big improvements: 10 ways a tiny home will make us happier

Fresh off of our report on Claudia and Garrett's transition into a smaller home , our homesteads are becoming monsters. Huge liabilities that need to be pro
Feb 3, 2016·3 min read
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Making retirement work even though market weirdness

My wife and I are being stubborn - there is no way that we're going to let market conditions this year (and the last half of 2015) effect our planned retirement target - end of 2016 for me and February of 2017 for my wife. But, we are also facing the cold hard facts: we probably won't have as much money going into retirement that we had initially thought. We made our cash projections in early 2015 when the market was doing fairly well. Our estimates were conservative, but certainly not THIS cons
Jan 27, 2016·4 min read
How to Save

Despite market losses, we're up over $150k in 2015

Despite market losses over the year, we still managed to pack a solid wad of cash on to our net worth through meticulous (and automatic) contributions into our retirement accounts. We don't have to think about it - through automated systems, the money gets saved where we want it.
Jan 13, 2016·3 min read

Why this couple downsized to a 500 square foot tiny house

Claudia and her husband Garrett recently downsized their 1500 square foot house into a 500 sqft tiny house. I had a chat with the couple about why they made the move.
Jan 4, 2016·5 min read
Christmas time

Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays and we are off to Key West

Whatever it is that you're doing this day, I wish you Merry Christmas if you celebrate, or Happy Holidays if you don't. And if you refuse to acknowledge the holidays altogether, then hell, enjoy the living daylights out of whatever you're doing today! The fishin' is good in Key West!For my wife and I, this is our last day in Arizona before we head out to Key West, FL to spend a week with my folks. Actually, yesterday was our last full day, as we're catching a plane early today and spending the m
Dec 25, 2015·1 min read

What if everyone stopped paying attention to others?

Are you paying attention to the fake online personas of your friends? Tt seems everybody is too big for their britches, absurdly busy every second of the day doing exciting things and posting about them online.
Dec 14, 2015·6 min read
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Charting my stock market performance over the years

I decided to login to my Vanguard account to take a look at my market performance over the years. I'm seeing mostly green with a couple areas of red (hello 2015 market correction!).
Nov 28, 2015·3 min read