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Magic of the stock market revealed in a year

This morning I continued my weekly ritual of glancing at how our stocks are doing in the market. Hey, look at that - another up-tick. Believe me, the realization that just a few months ago, I was about $80,000 poorer is definitely not lost on me. But as of today, all our losses over the past year have been regained - and then some. Looking back over our investment portfolio's recent history, I realized something amazingly powerful. To anyone who doesn't quite understand the stock market and how
May 18, 2016·4 min read
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That time I unexpectedly told my boss that I'm quitting

The day, as most of them tend to do, started like any other day. I made my way through my well-oiled routine without a squeak - wake up, grab a shower, make some coffee and sit down to check out what is in store for me at work. So far, everything's cool - until our division-wide telecon. Actually, let's back up a second. Up until this morning, I was "in the closet", as it were, regarding my intention to quit full-time work in December [
May 16, 2016·5 min read
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State of Our Retirement: Getting ahead of the game

Behold, my fellow readers - my first installment of what I am calling the "State of Our Retirement" (SoOR) address, where I briefly give you fine people the low-down on what's happening and where we are in our drive towards financial independence and retirement from full-time work. It has been an amazing year thus far, and my wife and I have finally come to the conclusion that what we're doing is, well, fairly extreme. We don't personally feel our new lifestyle is all that extreme, but compared
Apr 20, 2016·5 min read
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My wife told her boss that she's quitting in February

It was time. After months (years?) of planning, crunching the numbers, talking strategy and examining our options, we finally have a solid plan in place, and it was now time for my wife to drop the bombshell on her boss. Come February, we're gone. You may be wondering: why break the news a year early? She works with a very small team that does a very specific and specialized engineering task. It is exceedingly difficult to find the right people with the right skillset to do what she does. The pr
Mar 28, 2016·3 min read
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Making retirement work even though market weirdness

My wife and I are being stubborn - there is no way that we're going to let market conditions this year (and the last half of 2015) effect our planned retirement target - end of 2016 for me and February of 2017 for my wife. But, we are also facing the cold hard facts: we probably won't have as much money going into retirement that we had initially thought. We made our cash projections in early 2015 when the market was doing fairly well. Our estimates were conservative, but certainly not THIS cons
Jan 27, 2016·4 min read
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Charting my stock market performance over the years

I decided to login to my Vanguard account to take a look at my market performance over the years. I'm seeing mostly green with a couple areas of red (hello 2015 market correction!).
Nov 28, 2015·3 min read
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The epic lunch with a financially screwed friend

I seriously held my tongue so hard that it started to bleed.  I just sat at the table sporting a half "Totally man, I understand" smile on my face just to keep things happy and jovial during the lunch. But inside, I was like, "What the crap?" I just wanted to slap him across the face. And then once again in case he's one of those "hard learners". I love spicy food!Here's the story. I had lunch with a friend of mine the other week who happened to be visiting from out of town (Virginia). We hadn'
Nov 23, 2015·5 min read

Dear Boss - I quit! Love, Me

I admit it - I've been thinking a lot about how I might say "I quit!" to the boss once the time comes to pass on more full time work and instead enjoy my life of financial independence.
Nov 18, 2015·5 min read
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Do these three things after maxing out your 401k and Roth IRA

In October, I maxed out my 401k and Roth IRA contributions for the year. Now, my paychecks are larger because those automatic deductions are no longer happening. Talk about an awesome first world problem to have!
Nov 9, 2015·5 min read
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Happy Halloween and some dreadfully scary statistics

Good day, my spooky little ghosts and goblins. Today, I have nothing of real value to report other than to wish you the scariest Halloween that you've ever had - literally, I hope the snot gets scared right out of you. Helps with congestion, after all.
Oct 31, 2015·2 min read
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Our Next Life series: Part 1 - Quitting!

Welcome to the first exciting installment of the 4-part article series "Our Next Life". In many ways, I was on top of the world. Nothing could touch me. Move out of the way, world, because I'm coming through.
Sep 4, 2015·6 min read
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As the stock market slides, remember long haul victory

If you're paying any attention to the stock market this week, then you are probably aware of its sharp slide over the past several days, sending the Dow plunging 300+ points for two straight days and down 4% this week alone.
Aug 22, 2015·1 min read