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The game show logic behind early retirement

Pretend that you are a contestant on a game show, and the host presents you with three doors. Behind one of the doors is a giant man-sized check for $1,000,000. Steaming piles of manure sit behind the other two, relentlessly festering a gawd-awful stench. The host then instructs you to pick one of the doors - A, B or C. Obviously, you want to pick the door that hides the million bucks, not the ones with a steaming pile of shit. At this point, you have a 33.3% chance of selecting that door. Agree
Mar 30, 2016·5 min read
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My wife told her boss that she's quitting in February

It was time. After months (years?) of planning, crunching the numbers, talking strategy and examining our options, we finally have a solid plan in place, and it was now time for my wife to drop the bombshell on her boss. Come February, we're gone. You may be wondering: why break the news a year early? She works with a very small team that does a very specific and specialized engineering task. It is exceedingly difficult to find the right people with the right skillset to do what she does. The pr
Mar 28, 2016·3 min read
How to Retire

How to address the "what if" scenarios of early retirement

Remember my retirement renaissance a few months ago? I wrote about how fascinating the comments get when early retirement goes mainstream, but even within the finance community, things aren't always as encouraging as you might expect. For example, check out this forum post [http://boards.
Feb 29, 2016·6 min read

How to ER: Early retirees leave their comfort zone

Our comfort zone is a powerful thing, and it is only natural that we human beings crave safe and familiar surroundings - me included. When we are enveloped within our comfort zones, we relax. 
Dec 16, 2015·5 min read
How to Retire

Financial independence is not just for the "rich" or wealthy

Though early financial independence is not a luxury designed only for high income earners, there is no getting around the fact that higher incomes make the whole early FI process quicker.
Dec 9, 2015·6 min read
Early retirement

When early retirement goes mainstream, its destitute!

One of the more interesting aspects of early retirement and financial independence is when the concept goes mainstream online. Comments are typically bad.
Dec 2, 2015·6 min read
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The epic lunch with a financially screwed friend

I seriously held my tongue so hard that it started to bleed.  I just sat at the table sporting a half "Totally man, I understand" smile on my face just to keep things happy and jovial during the lunch. But inside, I was like, "What the crap?" I just wanted to slap him across the face. And then once again in case he's one of those "hard learners". I love spicy food!Here's the story. I had lunch with a friend of mine the other week who happened to be visiting from out of town (Virginia). We hadn'
Nov 23, 2015·5 min read
Early retirement

Challenge: Record your "One Minute Retirement Soundbite"

What is your One Minute Retirement Soundbite?  The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to record your one-minute retirement story. 
Nov 22, 2015·2 min read

Dear Boss - I quit! Love, Me

I admit it - I've been thinking a lot about how I might say "I quit!" to the boss once the time comes to pass on more full time work and instead enjoy my life of financial independence.
Nov 18, 2015·5 min read
How to Save

Do these three things after maxing out your 401k and Roth IRA

In October, I maxed out my 401k and Roth IRA contributions for the year. Now, my paychecks are larger because those automatic deductions are no longer happening. Talk about an awesome first world problem to have!
Nov 9, 2015·5 min read
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Working two extra months gets my wife social security

Our planned retirement date is so close, and my wife and I are so young, that it appears that my wife will be ineligible for Social Security, which she has judiciously funded for her entire working career, if she retires along with me in December of 2016.
Oct 14, 2015·5 min read
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How to master your early retirement lifestyle: Part 3

Mastering your early retirement lifestyle, Part 3: Tips for maximizing your savings, uncovering hidden costs and streamlining your life so it prioritizes true happiness.
Oct 5, 2015·8 min read