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After six months of early retirement...

I retired from full-time work six months ago. Imagine that, a whole half year. It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but I'm damn near half way toward the anniversary of another year gone by since birth without a job. Amazing to think about if you ask me. Me and the peeLet me plainly state that I find blog posts that only talk about the rosy side of virtually any lifestyle - early retirement or otherwise - to be wholly unhelpful at best and flat deceptive at worst. Early retirement is still
Jul 3, 2017·6 min read
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The awesomeness of not being important

You know how awesome it is to not be important? To be that guy who comes into work every day, does his job and goes home? The guy who never volunteers for additional work, never has his nose up the ass of his superiors, the guy who couldn't seem to care any less about the next promotion or raise?
Jun 29, 2017·8 min read
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What grade school teaches us about our future

If you like to learn (and since you're reading this blog, the answer is definitely "YES"), then grade school was where it was at. Go back to school next year with another $50k in your investment portfolio; or hell, if you don't yet have a retirement account, open one.
Jun 23, 2017·4 min read
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Every company I've worked for fails the Essentialism test

I'm reading a book called Essentialism. It's the manuscript for simplifying your life and removing much of the bullshit that clutters our minds and distracts us from those things that are truly important. No organization I've worked for has done this. At all. Essentialism, by Greg McKeownIf you've ever read anything by Tim Ferriss, you already know the premise. Keep meaning. Remove crap. Pick and choose ruthlessly. Only, this book wasn't written by Tim Ferriss. Greg McKeown is the mastermind beh
Mar 13, 2017·3 min read
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The super secret key to success: Ask!

Do you want success? Ask for success. Waiting for success to happen is a game that we will lose almost every time. Don't wait for things to happen TO US.
Feb 22, 2017·6 min read
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Honey, would you be mad if I just go ahead and quit now?

The closer I get to early retirement, the tougher it becomes to wait for it. Virtually every day, I am conscious of the fact that I'm still "going to work", even though I am close to the end. I am still working, checking email, writing reports, answering phone calls. It's still happening. I know the end is near, but that doesn't make these last few remaining months easier to get through, as I assumed that it would. Human nature strikes again. The closer that we get to something, the more we want
Aug 22, 2016·4 min read
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How to ER: 5 easy habits early retirees practice everyday

The habits of early retirees tend to be profoundly powerful, yet strangely simple. We all know that early retirees "save money" - that goes without saying. But what else? And how many of these lifestyle techniques could be picked up and mastered by anyone? Probably more than you think. These habits work, and work well. We practice them all the time. Most early retirees and future early retirees practice these and, dare I say, have mastered them. And chances are, if you share our dream of retiri
Jun 29, 2016·6 min read
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It is okay to love your job! Really, it is!

Do you love your job? Love it enough to keep doing it until 2/3rds of your life is behind you? If that answer is yes, more power to you.
Jun 20, 2016·5 min read
Early retirement

7 things those who will never retire say

"Lifers", or those who will probably never retire, say the darndest things. Here are some of my favorite "lifer" quotes and, of course, my response to them.
May 23, 2016·6 min read
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That time I unexpectedly told my boss that I'm quitting

The day, as most of them tend to do, started like any other day. I made my way through my well-oiled routine without a squeak - wake up, grab a shower, make some coffee and sit down to check out what is in store for me at work. So far, everything's cool - until our division-wide telecon. Actually, let's back up a second. Up until this morning, I was "in the closet", as it were, regarding my intention to quit full-time work in December [
May 16, 2016·5 min read
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State of Our Retirement: Getting ahead of the game

Behold, my fellow readers - my first installment of what I am calling the "State of Our Retirement" (SoOR) address, where I briefly give you fine people the low-down on what's happening and where we are in our drive towards financial independence and retirement from full-time work. It has been an amazing year thus far, and my wife and I have finally come to the conclusion that what we're doing is, well, fairly extreme. We don't personally feel our new lifestyle is all that extreme, but compared
Apr 20, 2016·5 min read
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What a layoff at work taught me about jobs

After working for this company for four years, I was given my official layoff notice with a month's severance package. I was completely blindsided.
Apr 4, 2016·5 min read