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Guest post: Take amazing vacations on the cheap

Take amazing vacations on the cheap using credit cards, off-season travel and mistake fares from the airline! Also, know your online resources.
Mar 12, 2016·1 min read

Getting ready to test drive our early retirement lifestyle

We have our foundation in place. We are rapidly approaching the time when we can put our retirement lifestyle to the test and have a little fun.
Mar 9, 2016·6 min read

We bought our Airstream!

We bought a 2005 Airstream Classic from a dealership up in Mesa, AZ as our next home and take delivery of it March 31st.
Mar 7, 2016·6 min read

I've got Coeur d'Alene on the brain, and it just will not leave

My wife and I walked slowly along Lake Coeur d'Alene, glancing back and forth between the beautiful water and bustle of the city. It felt like a beach town. Kids played in the sand. Parents sat on beach towels keeping sanity. 
Feb 8, 2016·4 min read
How to Think

Tiny homes and big improvements: 10 ways a tiny home will make us happier

Fresh off of our report on Claudia and Garrett's transition into a smaller home , our homesteads are becoming monsters. Huge liabilities that need to be pro
Feb 3, 2016·3 min read

One couple's unforgettable trip to a cold, unlikely place

A lot of us might choose a warm and tropic destination to enjoy a vacation or trip, but I had the opportunity to talk with an incredible woman named Chelsea who had a very different vacation spot in mind. Think south. Very south. Like, Antarctica. She is a free spirit. Then again, she also loves to plan (just like my wife!). Apparently, that combination creates an environment that is ripe for a unique way to spend a Thanksgiving. Okay, unforgettable might be a better word. Instead of a cruise
Feb 1, 2016·4 min read

Why this couple downsized to a 500 square foot tiny house

Claudia and her husband Garrett recently downsized their 1500 square foot house into a 500 sqft tiny house. I had a chat with the couple about why they made the move.
Jan 4, 2016·5 min read

How to ER: Early retirees leave their comfort zone

Our comfort zone is a powerful thing, and it is only natural that we human beings crave safe and familiar surroundings - me included. When we are enveloped within our comfort zones, we relax. 
Dec 16, 2015·5 min read

What if everyone stopped paying attention to others?

Are you paying attention to the fake online personas of your friends? Tt seems everybody is too big for their britches, absurdly busy every second of the day doing exciting things and posting about them online.
Dec 14, 2015·6 min read

Joe's life-changing 2,200 mile hike along Appalachian Trail

How about a trek along the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail to become a part of the 25% who actually complete the monumental feat? Yes, all of it. The whole damn thing.
Dec 7, 2015·5 min read
How to Save

Small changes mean big improvements to your lifestyle

It takes me 17 steps to get to work every day, and my lifestyle loves the commute. Then, I thought about other lifestyle changes over the past year, and they rock!
Nov 30, 2015·5 min read
How to Think

Going out of town, yet again!

Going out of town, yet again! I've got another blog series coming at you, a 3-parter. This one, titled 'Mastering your early retirement lifestyle', distills this whole early retirement thing down into simple terms and talks about how to achieve your permanent paradise.
Sep 28, 2015·1 min read