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So you want to be a flight attendant?

I am a Flight Attendant....and I freaking LOVE my job. When people ask what I do for a living, their response to my answer is often, "I've always wanted...
Jan 23, 2017·8 min read
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A day in the life of an early retiree

I'm a 35-year old early retiree, and I'm writing about what a typical day looks like for me. Here's a hint: It rocks!
Jan 16, 2017·5 min read
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The Friday Feast ~ the 13th of January

In this episode of Friday Feast: Our Next Life, Code To Riches, Notorious D.E.B.T., Brooklyn Bread, 5, Full Time Finance...
Jan 13, 2017·2 min read

We live in an RV, not under a bridge!

After hearing that my wife and I live in an RV, most people are like: "Oh, so you guys must eat out a lot then, right?" Umm, no. Why do you ask?
Dec 12, 2016·4 min read
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Our Airstream now has full solar power!

Our Airstream is flat out electric, literally. Without even plugging in. Our little 200 square foot home on wheels now possesses the ability to generate its own power and live entirely off grid.
Dec 5, 2016·7 min read

That generous vacation package might not be as nice as you thought

At my former company (before retirement ), employees could take as much vacation as they want. It's virtually limitless, within reason. Vacation time isn't "accrued". You take it when you need it, as much as you want. At first blush, this seems pretty damn sweet. As much vacation as you want? Score! Here is the rub: My company also tracked your utilization time, which is time spent directly in support of a billable contract to a client. The gr
Aug 8, 2016·4 min read
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It is okay to love your job! Really, it is!

Do you love your job? Love it enough to keep doing it until 2/3rds of your life is behind you? If that answer is yes, more power to you.
Jun 20, 2016·5 min read

The downside of living in a 200 sqft Airstream

When we bought the Airstream, I promised to give you an honest assessment of how we like it. We are having fun in our new, smaller home, but I won't say that every day is like a vacation.
May 9, 2016·7 min read

Question time: Would you ever downsize this much?

Talk about an epic downsize: My wife and I met a fellow camper the other night who left his Atlanta condo, bought an inexpensive travel trailer, and hit the road out to Tucson
Apr 27, 2016·2 min read

Our first night in the Airstream was a cold success!

It was the very first night in our Airstream, and things were looking promising. Our adventures in living small were exciting and new, and we were ready to settle in for the night. Every evening we take a walk with our dogs to enjoy the cool evenings before the Tucson summer hits us full blast. People here are exceedingly happy. They wave as we pass by. We also got our first "That's a beautiful Airstream!" compliment last week as we were cooking dinner outside on our patio. This place is nice
Apr 13, 2016·5 min read
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We're Airstreamers, but don't call us trailer trash!

Well, we've done it - we are Airstreamers. As of last Friday, we have officially moved out of our large 1600 sqft house and into our Airstream trailer , just a shade larger than a tenth of the size of our previous home. And so far, we're loving it. It's just my wife and me along with our two dogs who rest comfortably at night between the bed and the curved walls of the Airstream. Like most dogs, they like to feel nestled in and secure. It
Apr 6, 2016·8 min read
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Never strive to eliminate fear from your life - fear is healthy!

Fear is one of the healthiest emotions in existence and one that humans have used for thousands of years to stay alive. It keeps us safe. It gives us confidence. In many ways, fear is empowering.
Mar 21, 2016·5 min read