What is it like making over $900,000 a year?

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  1. I follow her blog, but this was a really fun interview to read! I can’t imagine making that much per month or year, but it’s awesome to see how someone’s hard work pays off. But it does suck to see how being successful can cause family to feel entitled and in turn, to lose that person as part of your life. But it definitely makes you realize who matters in your life, because they’re the ones who stick with you and treat you the same.

    Great interview!

    1. Thanks Ember, appreciate the read and the comment. She’s definitely an inspiration to a lot of us. She’s one of the most incredible side hustlers I’ve ever met – easily.

  2. Great motivational read to start my Friday morning. Thanks!

    One question: What is your top piece of advice to bloggers trying to make the leap from side hustle to full-time gig?


    Mrs. Mad Money Monster

  3. Yes, we all want to be like Michelle, she’s such a big inspiration. I wonder how she only does 10hrs/week but able to publish so many good blog posts, newsletters, courses,…

    Hey Steve, that $130K/yr you are talking about, is that from the blog?

  4. Great read. It’s truly amazing the opportunities and possibilities out there if you set your mind to them. The biggest question I have, any interesting tax tips on options that open up at truly stratespheric income levels? I know what works for the higher end professional but I have to wonder if at 900 other strategies come into play.

  5. Great read. Very inspirational. Posts like this just prove that anything is possible if you work for it. I too am a fan of her blog. It is amazing that she can get so much accomplished in less than 40 hours per week. Thanks for sharing this Steve.

  6. So great to see the two of you team up for this! I find so much inspiration from both of your blogs. I love Michelle’s transparency AND the fact that she’s still so engaged in the community. Really great interview.

    And nope, I can’t imagine that much money either. Maybe I’ll just have to use my imagination a little more 😉

  7. Michelle is such an incredible inspiration. I’ve read her site for years. I don’t know how she does it, but only 10 hours a week is incredible! I can easily spend more than 10 hours on a single blog post!

    It’s amazing to me that she’s able to make that kind of income. Most bloggers quit after a couple years when they realize the monetary benefits are usually tiny and it’s a lot of work!

  8. Thanks for this great interview, it was lovely to read! Michelle I love your Instagram- your adventures and hiking and biking look so fun. You are living the FIRE dream for sure! That makes me sad about losing a family relationship because they felt entitled to the money. One of my siblings is a bit like that- says things like I should pay for this and that since I earn more than her.

  9. This is an amazing interview!!! And a very personal side to it as well.

    It’s always sad when money squabbles and entitlement get in the way of relationship. I don’t tell my family we have any money, just enough to get by to void any issues over money.

    We live car free in an area where it is very uncommon to go without a car. Neighbors and people assume its because we can’t afford a car. A part of finding FIRE is the ability to not care what other people think anymore. Nothing makes more logical sense to me than financial independence.

  10. I actually cut back on how much I’m earning this year because I was working too much OT and frankly didn’t want to pay the extra taxes. I’m trying to maximize tax efficiency as well as spending as much time at home as possible. It was nice to sit back and say, nah, I’m not going to pic up any OT for a couple weeks.

  11. Great article by two RV specialists…Michelle is new to me but it looks like she has a very interesting blog also…I have been following a lot of these financial blogs because I am close to retirement now…I like the RV travel idea….I recall also a blog in Europe where a European couple ….British couple do the RV thing…I forget their name… maybe you have interviewed them also?
    from a newbie blogger myself..
    …From the other side of the world….

  12. Michelle I’m about to start a business that will allow me to save roughly two thirds of your monthly savings amount. What advice do you have on the type of investments you prefer. I’m sure you are diversified but do you have % that go into the stock market vs cash savings etc.

  13. Great read. Very encouraging. Michelle i have been following you since years. Blogging is definitely a lot of work which includes researching and networking and most important is PATIENCE. You will not get traffic when you will launch the blog, you need to be calm. Its a slow process but very effective. I regularly cover topics about bitcoins and cryptocurrency on my blog. Let me know your thoughts on it Guys.

  14. Michelle, your blog is one of the inspirations for the journey I am currently setting out on; 7 years to Financial Independence and to add some challenge to it I am living in one of the most heavily taxed countries in the world: Sweden. I started http://www.fireviking.wordpress.com after having read your blog and gotten very intrigued by it, now setting a similar goal for myself.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. So good! I know these questions have been asked 100 times but how does a person choose what to blog about and where does the income come from?

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