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Hello! Welcome to, a blog that hates conventional wisdom. Do you want to live differently, change your life and achieve your permanent paradise?

Think Save Retire is about ignoring conventional wisdom and instead focusing attention on YOU and what makes you happy and fulfilled. Whether you dream about quitting your job, traveling the world or just cozying up next to a fire for the next 20 years of your life, it doesn't matter. Your dreams are different, but very often, change requires a very similar mindset.

And, it starts with deciding to live differently.

Live Differently

Every day, people decide to live very different lives than the majority. The key to finding the happy place in your life is to understand what is most important to you.  It all starts with understanding that life is a mind game thinking differently and figuring out your permanent paradise.

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How to Change Your Life

All of us have the power to change our lives in profound ways. This is about how to go from where you are now to where you want to be. The steps that you need to take. The habits that may need to be refined. The little things that can add up to extremely profound improvements in our lives.

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Living Your Dreams

What is it like to live a life we designed? To be financially free? To be able to wake up every morning genuinely happy and fulfilled in our lives?

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