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How much does income affect your post-retirement lifestyle stability?

One of the most spirited debates within the early retirement community revolves around the influence that a high level of savings (as well as income) has on a person's ability to retire early. I have argued in the past that although a high income can help, an aggressive savings schedule is a far better measure to determine a person's fitness for early retirement.
Apr 3, 2019·4 min read
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You don't need any more personal finance advice

It's true. We all know how to reach financial independence and retire early. We all know that saving more than we spend will result in a rapid and consistent increase in our net worth. Thankfully for those of us who suck at math (including me), the equation is simple. Don't over-complicate this stuff, folks. What's this personal finance advice that we already know? We know that dropping $50,000 on a brand new car when we're 25 and
Dec 31, 2018·4 min read
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Don't let early retirement box you into stupid corners

How many of you good people have , those money challenges are common. But, I haven't entered a single one of them. Not because they're useless. Not because they are harmful. It's because I don't need to enter a contest to see ho
Dec 6, 2018·4 min read
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Here are the 7 dumbest things I've said about personal finance

Dumb things. We all say them from time to time, but I was especially prone to some real stupid stuff before I finally got serious about personal finance. Like, some real doosies. Now is the time to divulge.  :) And by the way, happy Thanksgiving week! I hope that you're spending some time with family this week and away from the office. I can still remember the last Thanksgiving I spent at my in-law's house before calling it quits from full-tim
Nov 20, 2018·4 min read
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This is why I retired early

The why is important. Really important. I've written about it. Others have written about it. Without a reason, your goals won't make a lot of sense and, frankly, you probably won't reach many of them. Not because you aren't good enough to reach them. No, that's not it. It's because you'll find another goal and then focus your attention on that until the next best thing comes along. Trust me, I've been there. I know what it's like to set a goal because it sounded good to me at the time and the
Oct 30, 2018·4 min read
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How not to be screwed over by a Financial Advisor

It’s no secret the blogosphere tends to hold financial advisors in contempt. The money blog movement is steeped in DIY gumption that does not lend itself well to seeking outside help. Additionally, even though bloggers won’t admit it, at some subconscious level they have a self-serving interest in admonishing the industry. Let’s be honest; it’s a lot harder to sell eBooks, courses and affiliate links to people who are being served by an advisor. I have had the privilege of having a foot in bo
Oct 4, 2018·10 min read
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Before assuming that you aren't rich, understand what "rich" means

When I was a kid, I assumed that people who drove around in expensive cars are rich and wealthy.
Sep 18, 2018·7 min read
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10 most bad ass financial quotes ever - or are they?

I'm going to burn a post by giving you 10 financial quotes for consideration.  Some of these quotes I've taken personal satisfaction from.  Others, personal insult.
Sep 10, 2018·3 min read
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The wisdom of financial independence without retiring early

Truthfully, it is only natural to link financial independence and early retirement together. In fact, the term "FIRE" means precisely that, Financially Independent Retire Early. I talk a lot about these two issues as if they were linked at the hip, but this article is going to be different. Much different.
Apr 6, 2018·6 min read
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The truth about extended warranties, and what to do instead

Buy a car, house, or virtually anything expensive, and we usually don't walk out the door without first being hit up for an extended service plan, or warranty. These warranties are sold as a way to protect our investments, but do they really work? A better question: Do we actually use them? The truth is these extended warranties often do nothing more than serve as a healthy source of commission for your salesperson. Darn near 50% of the cost of warranties are kept by the retailer. The margins a
Mar 27, 2018·5 min read
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What would you tell an 18-year-old kid who just asked you about money?

My wife and I were out and about a few weeks ago and decided to stop into a local taco place in downtown Tucson (yes, taco places are all over) for dinner because it was getting late and, quite frankly, neither of us felt like cooking. I was wearing my Think Save Retire sweatshirt I custom-designed for myself as a Christmas gift last year. My wife and I walked up to the counter to order a couple tacos. An 18-year-old kid took our order. Everything was perfectly normal until he noticed my sweats
Mar 21, 2018·3 min read

Kill It: Pay yourself first

Let’s face facts: Budgets kinda suck. They aren’t fun. They take time and effort to create and maintain. Maybe it’s time to ditch the budget. Maybe it’s time to pay yourself first. But what does that even mean, "pay yourself first"?
Feb 26, 2018·5 min read