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Christmas Week in Photos: Lake Shastina

Hey all! Welcome to Christmas week. This week, instead of talking about personal finance, I'm giving you people one of my very favorite photos each day from our travels this year. Here is beautiful Lake Shastina in Weed, CA . Penny, our rescued Boxer, liked dipping her paws into the water, but she's d
Dec 26, 2017·1 min read
Financial independence

Christmas Week in Photos: The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Hey all! Welcome to Christmas Day. This week, instead of talking about personal finance, I'm giving you people one of my very favorite photos each day from our travels this year. Here is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, a stunning geologic feat that's absolutely breathtaking to visit and even better to photograph. From the National Parks Service website : > The Yellowstone River is the force that created the canyon and the falls. It begin
Dec 25, 2017·1 min read
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That time I almost bought Rockstar Finance

By now, most of the industrialized world (okay, at least the personal finance community) knows that J. Money sold Rockstar Finance to John from ESI Money . But, a lot of you may not know that I had put in an offer to buy the site as well. First, let me plainly state that I believe Jay made the right decision. John's an incredibly successful business guy who knows the personal finance community extremely well. There are no better hands to take over Rockstar Finance than Jo
Dec 20, 2017·4 min read
Financial independence

My side hustle idea; whatcha think?

Raise your hand if you're sitting in a half-full office today? The week of Thanksgiving, every office I've ever worked in was at least half empty. It was one of my favorite times to be at the office, actually. It was slow. And, I didn't have to take PTO! And, you're probably making the rounds throughout the blogosphere with those folks who've actually posted something today - like this article, which is quickly turning into something relatively meaningless... I've published this post to say som
Nov 21, 2017·3 min read
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My wife is going back to work!

Okay, I have a confession to make. My wife didn't "retire" back in April before we left Tucson in pursuit of full-time travel. She took a sabbatical instead...nice person that she is. But, that's not the whole story either. First, I did retire. I am 100% out of the workforce. I was offered a sabbatical before I left and I flatly refused. I am definitely out, and out for good. My wife was going to be out for good as well, but her boss practically begged her to take a sabbatical and come back to
Oct 4, 2017·3 min read

Want to start a YouTube channel? Here's what you need to get started

YouTube is amazing. It's basically television recorded by the average Joe (or Jane), designed to fill all kinds of niches, this time from a visual perspective rather than a bunch of words. My wife and I run A Streamin' Life on YouTube , which is a channel that follows our journey around the country. The experience has been amazing. We've learned a lot about ourselves. We've become super comfortable in front of a camera. And, it gives me a
Sep 27, 2017·8 min read
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What an incredible summer of early retirement

As fall slowly envelopes the United States, I need to take this opportunity to reflect on our first summer as early retirees. We traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest all summer long, and it was an amazing experience. My wife and I - along with our two dogs, cruised throughout the Northwest without a care in the world (well, mostly). We got up whenever we wanted. We napped when we felt tired. We hiked. We swam. We did everything that we thought we'd do without the confines of a full-time job
Sep 24, 2017·3 min read
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Would you work 60+ hour weeks for two years if it meant immediate retire?

Last weekend in Idaho, I got curious about how bad folks want early retirement. Would you sacrifice your lifestyle (and possibly your health) for a period of time to guarantee early retirement? The question, which I asked on Twitter , was simple: Would you work 60+ hour weeks for two yea
Aug 9, 2017·3 min read
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The market is doing so well the sky must be falling

The financial climate in the United States is an interesting one: On one hand, the market is doing insanely well. We're all making money hand over fist. But on the other, folks are dreading the looming swing the other way. And, it will. We all know it will. "Overvalued!" "A recession is coming!" "Stocks will soon be on sale!" Ugh...please! Apparently, the stock market is doing so darn well that soon the sky will fall. But, that's the wrong attitude. Enjoy the damn ride For the love of all thing
Aug 5, 2017·2 min read
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The challenge of making money when we don't need more of it

My wife and I are in an interesting position at the moment: We've retired from full-time work, but we find ourselves earning additional dough by doing the things we love purely for the challenge of it all. That is seriously cool! Or if we were living back in the 80's, "rad". Our financial position is solid (okay, for the most part ). With expenses around the $40,000 / year mark and a net worth over $970,000, we are well on our way to enjo
Jul 31, 2017·4 min read
Financial independence

Blazing an 18-mile trail around the Gorge

Warning: Non-financial post. Instead, all photography. We spent the last four days exploring the Columbia River Gorge along the Oregon / Washington border, hiked over 18 miles, ascended more than 4,000 feet and saw 12 stunning waterfalls. Amazing experience. The daily hikes got me back into the physical fitness groove and my camera was working overtime to capture some stupid-beautiful stuff here in the Pacific Northwest. We need to experience this part of the country in the fall. Shameless plug
Jul 28, 2017·2 min read
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The awesomeness of not being important

You know how awesome it is to not be important? To be that guy who comes into work every day, does his job and goes home? The guy who never volunteers for additional work, never has his nose up the ass of his superiors, the guy who couldn't seem to care any less about the next promotion or raise?
Jun 29, 2017·8 min read