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We are millionaires once again, but how long will this last?

In this market, it seems like everybody is making money hand over fist . We wake up in the morning and, look at that, the market was up once again the previous day. This "making money" stuff is pretty easy, huh? By the way, I'm going to be speaking at the Chautauqua event in Ecuador in November - more on this at the end of the article.  :) It's kinda tough not to make money these days, and as an early retiree
Apr 18, 2019·6 min read
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How not to let social media take over your life

I'll admit it - every morning, I wake up and grab my phone. I tap a button or two and quickly scroll through my email, then my Twitter notifications tend to assign short-word phrases because, you know, we're cool like that. And, checking social is something tha
Apr 11, 2019·4 min read
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Why we just bought an off-grid, recession-proof home

Remember that article I wrote a couple of years ago about my plans to never buy another home again? Yeah, I was a little jaded after losing over $100,000 on real estate and, frankly, had no real interest in doing that whole "homeownership" thing ever again. But here's the thing: Last month, we just bought a home in southern Arizona. Note: In case you're wondering, the picture above is not the actual house. :) Why? First, a little back
Apr 9, 2019·7 min read
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Why early retirement was my only way out

Left unsatisfied by the rat race and corporate culture; early retirement was the only way out for me.
Mar 28, 2019·6 min read
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Is early retirement bullshit? 7 reasons to keep up the grind

Is early retirement bullshit? Maybe. The level of bullshittiness will depend entirely on the person. Do you fall into one of these bullshit categories?
Mar 19, 2019·6 min read
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What happens when you feel unwelcome in the personal finance community?

Here's a little truth bomb: I used to be an incredibly judgmental person. I would judge people based on incredibly short interactions and I would make rash and unjustifiable assumptions without a second thought. I was also passive aggressive to the max. I would post messages on social media and make remarks in person that I know would get to people just for the sake of being an ass. I spent my 20s and part of my 30s like this. I'm glad that I've moved past that point in my life. Today, I cons
Mar 14, 2019·7 min read
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These newer bloggers are writing about their dreams, and we should pay attention

Over the past several months, I've come to a realization: The veteran blogs in the personal finance space have fundamentally changed. It's not that they are no longer helpful. Rather, once veteran bloggers reach financial independence, most of them start talking about very different things . And in case you're wondering, yes, that absolutely includes my blog. Before I retired early, I used to blog about t
Mar 5, 2019·15 min read
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How do I find the time to help a friend build an Earthship?

One of the most amazing things about financial independence and early retirement is the ability to conquer your life by doing whatever the hell you want. And if I'm honest, I am still giddy over that thought even after being retired early for the past three years . If I want to take a walk at 10am, I'll do it. Or run to the store for a mid-afternoon sugar hit (my sweet-tooth is world-renown
Feb 26, 2019·5 min read
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How your FIRE blog will change after early retirement

I quit the rat race in 2016 , and over the course of that year, I noticed remarkable changes to my blog that also seems to happen to a lot of us after we finally pull that "working for a living" plug. What are the changes I'm talking about? * Comments have decreased dramatically * I don't respond to every comment like I used to * The emotion has been taken out of a lot of my writing * More guest posts to help fill the content schedule * P
Feb 25, 2019·4 min read
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What $100 in today's money could have bought you in 1920

Inflation. It's one of those phenomena that, like taxes, we can always count on being there. It's good like that, and although it ebbs and flows, it never seems to stop. I stumbled on this infographic from Chime Okay, there's a $20 and a $10. That's it. Uh huh.... The
Feb 10, 2019·3 min read
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Charity shaming: Why is there a shaming double standard?

In the wide world of shaming, there's a glaring double standard seeded deeply within personal finance discourse. It's called charity shaming.
Feb 7, 2019·8 min read
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The best [cat] money memes for 2019

Money memes are great. But, money memes that include cats are even better. Because the Internet was designed for cats. Here are the best for 2019. .
Jan 22, 2019·2 min read