Question time: Do you want respect or pay?

Picture yourself in this scenario: You are at work sitting around a conference table with the CEO (or some other high level manager) and a few of your coworkers.  You are discussing something that will literally make or break the company.  Make the right decision and your company flourishes.  Make the wrong one and, well, you might be passing around your resume.

Aside from the CEO/manager, there is one person in that room that makes the most money – let’s say around $20,000 MORE than the others in the room.

Question markAfter two hours discussing ideas, the CEO/manager pulls one of you into his office.  He says, “Bill/Sally, I respect your opinion more than any other in this office.  You heard all the ideas.  You know what is at stake.  What do we do?”

Understand that the person who was pulled into that office was NOT the person who makes the most money from that meeting. Continue reading “Question time: Do you want respect or pay?”