The Friday Feast ~ the 10th of March

Published March 10, 2017   Posted in Friday Feast

The personal finance community is filled with so many talented writers and inspiring families in search of something better out of life than the traditional society-approved plan of buying lots of stuff and retiring in your 60s if you’re lucky.

Here is a look at the best of this week’s personal finance blogs.

In this episode of Friday Feast: Money Boss, The Resume Gap, The Happy Philosopher, Debt Roundup, Debt Discipline, Modest Money, I Vigilante, Smart Money Guide, Penny Thots, Budgets and Cents.

readingWelcome to the end of another week. The Friday Feast is my opportunity to highlight some of the best personal finance content that I read during the week. Both old and new articles get mentioned here because I enjoy going through people’s posting archives.

Now, on to the personal finance blogosphere!

First, check out J.D. Roth (Money Boss)’s new digs! It’s a distraction-free office space designed with productivity in mind. But, will it work?

And The Resume Gap asks an important question: Would you risk Financial Independence to pursue a dream?

My favorite post of the week

My favorite post this week comes from The Happy Philosopher who writes that you don’t need to hate your job to want financial independence.

“Financial independence creates the freedom to not care about the details.”

Man, that’s beautiful. And true as well. Financial Independence gives us the freedom to adjust when things don’t go our way. Even if we love our jobs NOW doesn’t mean we’ll love them two years from now. Asshole bosses are everywhere, and they keep moving around.

“Go mentally revisit the version of yourself from a decade ago. What did that person believe? What made them happy? For many of you this will be an eye opening exercise. That person may be a complete stranger to you.”

That person sure as hell is a stranger to me.

More from the personal finance community

My man Grayson from Debt Roundup asks an intriguing question: Would you allow ads on your phone to save some cash?

Are you being underpaid? Maybe you think you are? Debt Discipline has some numbers for ya!

Also, Modest Money has some advice for you if you’re tired of renting, but not quite ready to buy.

Lastly, I Vigilante reminds us to never feel investor’s guilt.

Honorable mentions: Smart Money Guide talks healthy habitsPenny Thots bashes excuses, and lastly, Budgets and Cents talks about doing it all.

Photo of the week

Check out this kickin’ photo I captured of a bee’s ass! I made this shot using my trusty Sony A6000 and a 1970’s-era Nikon Macro lens – one of the sharpest lenses I’ve ever used.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to another financially productive week ahead!

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26 responses to “The Friday Feast ~ the 10th of March”

  1. ianbond2017 says:

    “Financial independence creates the freedom to not care about the details.” No truer words have been said. Great find and a real gem of wisdom.

    I’m ready to Feast on the rest!

  2. That is a ridiculous picture. Awesome job!!! Looks like you are really enjoying retirement!!!

  3. I love the picture, so sharp and detailed. I’m sure with a bee like wildlife it was also probably a one shot possibility type thing, so that makes it even more cool then static landscape shots imho.

    I really liked the happy philosophers post this week. I’m not pursuing early retirement, but I firmly believe everyone should be pursuing financial independence.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks FTF for your comment. And I completely agree about Happy Philosopher’s post. There is incredible wisdom in pursuing financial independence even if you have no intention of retiring early. Options, baby! Options.

  4. Maybe my tweet showed this, but I am incredibly honored to be included in the same Friday Feast as that Happy Philosopher post! It was a great one!

  5. gorgeous picture Steve. It’s awesome you can pursue your passions now that you don’t have to work anymore. Looking forward to future beautiful photography!

  6. Hey, that’s a mighty fine butt-shot you’ve got there! But forreals I’m jealous of your fancy camera. I’m stuck with my cell phone for photos for the forseeable future, but a nice camera could be a nice investment in blogging. 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Haha, thanks Mrs. Picky Pincher. Cell phones can take some amazing shots too, though. Cameras on those things are just superb. But yeah, having a real camera definitely expands your creative potential.

  7. Even if we love our jobs NOW doesn’t mean we’ll love them two years from now.” This is something that I talk about quite often with people and even mentioned it in my youth personal finance workshop. I had a job once making almost $100k for work that I had previously done as a volunteer. I couldn’t believe it. For almost 2 years, I felt like I was in a dream. Well, it didn’t last and things came crashing down fast. My old boss retired and the new one was a total asshole. It was unbearable. And, the organization also went through very drastic changes at the same time, and the atmosphere was toxic. Tensions were high and moods were terrible among most employees. Fortunately, I had hit the bare minimum of FI by then and just quit. It was funny though, because my colleagues were asking ‘where I was going’, thinking I had a new job lined up that they could follow me too. But when I told them that I built up some real estate income and that I didn’t have to work for a steady paycheck, they were intrigued and a little envious. 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Totally! You experienced exactly the wisdom in pursuing financial independence without dreams of early retirement. Having the option to call it quits is just amazing. It’s F-U money!

  8. Smart Provisions says:

    Nice shot, Steve! Thanks for the list again, always exciting to read new material!

  9. Dollar Habits says:

    Thanks a lot, Steve! How am I supposed to get anything done this weekend with all this great stuff to read?!?! As always, love the photo!

  10. Thank you for the feature Steve, I’m honored! That is a really cool photo by the way.

    • Steve says:

      You’re very welcome, Happy Philosopher, and I appreciate your comment on the photo. That was a fun one to get, too – I was like 2 or 3 inches from that bee at the time. Those things don’t sit still for long…

  11. Thanks for the link love! Happy Friday!

  12. Yep, I agree that you can love your job right now and still want to be financially independent. In fact, that’s almost better-after all, as they say it’s better to retire to something than to retire from something. You might not love your job in 5 years, or maybe something happens at your company and they let you go. Or maybe you just want financial independence, you’ll still love your job, and you can use your financial freedom to pursue other goals. Great round up!

    • Steve says:

      “as they say it’s better to retire to something than to retire from something.” Yup, and amen to that. You just never know how circumstances might change in the future. Be prepared.

  13. Nice macro shot Steve! Where did you say you got your a6000 from? I think you mentioned in an earlier post that you got it fairly discounted…

    • Steve says:

      Actually, I got the A6000 new from Amazon, but I *usually* buy all of my photo equipment used through a web site called They are very honest in their quality ratings and I’ve had nothing but good luck buying through them. And I have bought a LOT of equipment through Keh.

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