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Our Next Life series: Part 2 - Selling almost everything we have

Part 2 - selling. The ol' job that I never particularly enjoyed will be done by the end of 2016, along with my wife's. Now, the rest of our lives can begin...lives of travelers and explorers, lives out in nature after trading out our 1600 sqft house with a pool for a 200 sqft aluminum tube - an Airstream.
Sep 7, 2015·5 min read

Budget August 2015 ~ Over the Ridge

August budget: We are labeling August Over the Ridge(line). We sold the Ridgeline to Steve's brother and we couldn't be happier! We're down to the CTS and the motorcycle and we've decided that's where we are going to stay.
Sep 1, 2015·3 min read

Simplification. What's Important? : "Everything That Remains" by the Minimalists

So in my search for stories on minimalistic life changes, I came across the Minimalists. We got to see Joshua Fields Millburn (one of the Minimalists) on his recent Word Tasting Tour and it inspired me to pick up his memoir, Everything That Remains, from the library.
Aug 29, 2015·3 min read

FOOD ~ July 2015

We are over again this month. As I mentioned in the July Budget we had to stock up on some necessary staples such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and peanut butter. These supplies should last us a few months. So you'll see that reflected in the Canned Goods area below. Otherwise pretty good month and as always delicious!
Aug 3, 2015·1 min read

Budget July 2015 ~ Glacier National Park

We are labeling July appropriately Glacier National Park month. We knew this month would be spendy since we were going to have to pay for the rest of our hotel, rental car etc for our trip. We only overspent on vacation by less than $60 which isn't too bad.
Aug 3, 2015·2 min read

FOOD ~ June 2015

As you may have seen from the June budget, we went slightly over this month on food. Not too bad considering the haul of farmer fresh produce we got from the farmers market. So no complaints.
Jul 3, 2015·1 min read

Budget June 2015 ~ The Great Camera Switch Out

Ever since we decided that the path for us is out of the rat race and into an early retirement of our choosing, the Mr. and I have been keeping an eye on our finances and scaling down our spending. Neither one of us were complete clowns, but we certainly weren't looking out for our future selves at anywhere near the level we want/need to be. So in comes the budget. Budgets don't work for everyone and in the future it may not be necessary for us but for now it is the way we are buckling down and
Jul 2, 2015·2 min read

FOOD ~ May 2015

As you may have seen from the May budget, we had a rough month budget wise for groceries. We went way way over though made up for most of it using our fun money accounts.
Jun 1, 2015·1 min read

Budget May 2015 ~ What's with all the groceries?!?!

We are labeling May the Month of GROCERIES. We had family in town 4/5 weekends (only 2 of those expected). I hosted book club (which means snacks) and we hosted a Memorial Day BBQ for friends.
Jun 1, 2015·3 min read
Financial independence

Downsizing my photo equipment? What?!?

Well, I finally did it. In the name of both frugality and minimalism (and maybe a little thinking ahead), I decided to officially buy into a camera system that is significantly smaller, lighter and easier to carry with me than my current - and much-beloved, Nikon-based camera system.
May 27, 2015·4 min read
How to Save

FOOD ~ April 2015

As you may have seen from the April budget, we stayed on budget this month on groceries. We're still juicing but I was super strict about what was being bought for the juice. I'd like to liven it back up again here soon but since we were right on budget this month I need to be careful about that.
May 3, 2015·1 min read

Budget April 2015 ~ The Month of Unexpected Expenses

We are labeling April the Month of Unexpected Costs. Nothing serious just a bunch of bills hit us all at once and we had a couple of things we weren't expecting. This biggest of these was a trip to the Emergency Room for some stitches in my foot after a knife fell tip-down into it. Ouch! I'm being more careful about where knives are now and slowly healing. Luckily we have insurance and keep money in the budget for medical/health expenses.
May 2, 2015·4 min read