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The thing that I love the most about Go Curry Cracker is his mastery of numbers. I’ve learned more about the reality of early retirement from Mr. Curry than perhaps any other blog, and his to-the-point writing style keeps me coming back for more. And come on, who doesn’t like the name? It makes me […]
The 1500 Days to Freedom blog is my go-to blog when I’m in a strange mood and need something fun, clever and light-hearted to read. This is a blog that’s just downright unpretentious, written by a dude who knows how to have fun and keep it real. Check out the blog: For example, take […]
Tomorrow will begin a new series of Saturday posts that highlight some of the coolest financial blogs out there. Publishing on the second Saturday of every month,┬áthis is my chance to throw some links (and love) around the personal finance blogosphere. These are all blogs that I thoroughly enjoy and regularly visit. Some cover the […]