The Friday Feast ~ the 23rd of September

17 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 23rd of September”

    1. Honestly, I never was a huge fan of Twitter until I started this blog. It’s been a big help. It engages people. You meet new bloggers, follow their adventure, and they usually follow back. I can observe upticks in site traffic, too, when I post heavily. It all helps. So many people are on Twitter these days, so it can definitely help you to get exposure on your blog.

  1. Hey, thanks for the feature! 🙂 I’m still constantly fighting the “can’ts” (and the more sneaky “I deserve…” attitude). It’s so important to test your own boundaries when transitioning to FIRE. I’ve tried a few things, like walking to work, that seemed like a good idea but just weren’t right for me. I’m still figuring it all out. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing these posts! I especially like that post from Let’s Take This Online. I hadn’t seen it it before, but it really hit some points that have been bugging me as well in the PF world – assuming that everyone should value things the same.

    Personal finance is exactly that: it’s personal! We don’t all have to cut cable or stop going out to eat or not buy the newest iPhone. We all have different financial situations and what I might value and afford is exactly something that you might not care about at all (and vice versa). Really grinds my gears too! Thanks again for sharing it.

  3. Thanks for the mention! Lots of interesting posts for me to catch up on over the weekend. 🙂

    I think my favourite will be from Picky Pinchers too. There will always be new excuses even after the previous one is gone!


  4. I actually had the highest number of daily page views (65) on my blog yesterday. I’ve only had three other days over 40.

    I have to think that your tweet had a little something to do with it. Somebody actually looked at nearly all of my posts. So I either had a binge reader, or I have a kind friend juicing my view count and boosting my ego, but I’m happy to take it as validation that I should keep writing. 🙂

  5. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for the mention here and on Twitter today. Your post reminds me of the power of networks and that we’re all in this together. I hope to read up and bounce around ideas from here and the many other great sites I’ll run into!


  6. Some great reads this week, thanks Steve!

    I’m loving the way you tell us what’s coming up on the blog, now i’m looking forward to Wednesday… And Monday sounds good too!

  7. Thanks for the Twitter mention, I got a bit more international traffic 🙂

    Also, thanks for these links, some very interesting articles, in particular the ‘Excuses made us poor’ one!

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