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Trying damn hard to stay frugal in San Francisco

My wife and I have a looming trip to one of our favorite cities, San Francisco, to celebrate the birthday of a friend of ours. But, there is no getting around the fact that San Francisco is not the cheapest place to tootle around in, and our friends of ours are definitely not on the fast track to retirement.
Jan 15, 2015·3 min read
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Get excited about the little things in life!

How many of you out there have ever said "Man, I'm excited for this weekend because..."? Or, maybe yours went something like "I can't wait for our vacation to's gonna be hella-awesome!". Whatever awkward phrases that you use to describe what you're excited about, it's always nice looking forward to something. It puts a smile on your face. Each time you get excited, it makes life a little more awesome.
Jan 11, 2015·4 min read
Comment moderation

This entire blog is now officially un-moderated!

As of today: This entire web site is completely, 100% unmoderated. That means comments will, by default, appear publicly on the site immediately after submission. No more emails asking me to approve a comment (which I generally did via my cell phone, increasing the time that I was mindlessly staring into my pocket-sized personal computer).
Jan 9, 2015·2 min read

What I look for in an early retirement blog

It seems these days, so-called "early retirement" blogs are a dime a dozen. So many blogs out there, so little time to digest them all. But quite honestly, some aren't worth the effort to digest because their main purpose is to make money.
Jan 8, 2015·3 min read
How to Think

Opinions wanted: Buying land and building a house vs. buying a pre-built home

After retirement, we plan on moving up to Sedona, Arizona - Sedona is nestled within red rock country in northern Arizona. It is a beautiful little town that attracts tourists throughout the year and is rich in hiking opportunities and generally getting more in touch with nature. We make yearly visits to both vacation and, now, to check out real estate in the area for our eventual move into the area.
Jan 4, 2015·2 min read
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Sedona, AZ is definitely in our future

We love Sedona, Arizona. We're determined to live our off-grid life there. Here's how we're going to do it.
Jan 2, 2015·7 min read
Change Your Life

The new year is here! What 2015 means to me

Finally, the new year has arrived. No more anticipation. No more resolutions or reflections. No more, "Next year, I will..." utterances. The next year is here, so it's time to finally put up or shut up. Happy New Year to one and all.
Jan 1, 2015·2 min read

Reflecting on 2014: A year of change, from the Mrs

Wow. 2014. What an amazingly hectic, surprising, up-lifting, life-changing year. You’ve already seen my husband’s reflections on the past year, so I thought I would share my take as well. 2014 will definitely go down in my personal history as the year that changed EVERYTHING.
Dec 30, 2014·4 min read

Reflecting on 2014 - The year that changed my life

2014 has been one hell of a year, and my happiness level has never been higher. I'm happy. I'm healthy. I am on the path towards financial independence and retirement by 40. Thanks 2014, you rock.
Dec 29, 2014·9 min read

This New Years, don't resolve, reflect!

The resolution process seems relatively pointless to me because the idea of New Years goal-setting is much too robotic, and it is tough for me to establish realistic and achievable goals for the future if I don't make an effort to examine what worked well for me in the past.
Dec 28, 2014·5 min read