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How living in a 52 square foot room improved this guy's life

And I thought my wife and I were living small in our 200 square foot Airstream. Not when you compare us to this guy, who calls a room no bigger than 52 square feet his real home. Meet GuyOnFire . Now, check out this dude's super creative living situation. I live in a 52 square foot room and it has improved my life in some wickedly bizarre ways. Some may not consider it a room and many even refer to it as a "Harry Potter cupboard'. Normally, my writings on house hacking
Nov 3, 2017·6 min read

What is it like making over $900,000 a year?

Interview with Michele of MakingSenseofCents who is making $900,000 a year or more. Believe it or not, she lives just like the large majority of us. She values money at least as much as I do. Even with her incredibly high income, she still thinks about every purchase made.
Oct 20, 2017·5 min read
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I've come a long way from flying down the highway at 180

It was about 10:30 at night and I was riding my Yamaha R1 sportbike down an empty stretch of road south of Tucson, AZ. I was alone on the road. I started thinking about speed. Not just about going "fast", but insane speed. I had to do it. I had to transform those dashed white lines dividing both southbound lanes into a single, speed-induced streak of white. So, I rolled on the throttle and accelerated. 100 MPH was no problem. Hell, those sportbikes were built for speed. Hardly a vibration. In f
Oct 11, 2017·5 min read

I lost my six-figure income and I’m much happier

Trust me when I tell you that six-figure jobs aren't always what they are cracked up to be. I had one and quickly demoted myself. So did the blogger that I'm about to feature in today's post - only, this blogger wishes to remain anonymous. So, no links back to their blog. And without further ado - tell us about your story of a successful demotion! I sat in my one-on-one meeting with my boss Megan*, internally telling myself, "Don't cry! Don't cry!" I pictured Tom Hanks from, "A League of Their
Aug 2, 2017·6 min read
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Looking to buy an RV? Here is my #1 RV buying tip

Are you looking to buy an RV? The RVing lifestyle has become super popular these days, and here's my #1 tip for buying an RV, the smart way.
Jun 21, 2017·4 min read
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Bryce Canyon - the Supermodel of national parks in the U.S.

One of my commenters described Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah as the "Supermodel of national parks". I couldn't agree more. It's just stupid gorgeous. The hoodoo-laced landscape is unlike anything that I've ever seen. Other parks, unfortunately, pale in comparison. My wife and I camped for nearly a week in the woods about 15 minutes from Bryce Canyon. Armed with our national parks pass, we hiked through monster red rocks and terrain that switched between sun-blocking trees and barren desert.
May 13, 2017·2 min read
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We haven't plugged into the grid twice since April

I know that I've said this before (countless times, I'm sure), but we absolutely love our solar system that sits gracefully atop our 2005 Airstream Classic. Since we set sail on a journey of full-time travel April 1st, we've only plugged in once. And that only lasted for two days. For the remaining seven or eight weeks, our power has come entirely from the 500 watts of solar we had installed last November in Oregon . We're out in the middle of the de
May 5, 2017·2 min read

First month of full-time travel: Hiking and Dust!

It's been more than a month of full-time travel and for the most part we are tickled to death about how everything is going. We're hiking a ton. My wife is plowing through a bunch of books that have been on her reading list for quite some time. Me? I'm kickin' my photo hobby into high gear. My sister Twitter account is testament to that fact! Our first month has been a whirl! Arguably, we moved way too fast over our first 30 days, but we've also spent a goo
May 1, 2017·6 min read
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Snow Canyon, Utah - My gosh, the reds are outrageous

We just wrapped up four nights in Snow Canyon State Park just north of St. George, Utah. The landscape was absolutely stunning. Red rocks as far as the eye can see. Volcanic "lava rock" litters the landscape. It's stupid beautiful. We hiked damn near every day and I had my camera with me every step of the way. If you're following along on Twitter , you've already seen some of the stuff we've been climbing through. If you haven't, feast your eyes, my friends.
Apr 29, 2017·2 min read
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Living in the middle of nowhere is pretty damn cool

I kid you people not - it was about 2pm on a Thursday afternoon and I was sittin' on the john taking care of some business when I glanced up and noticed my view out of our Airstream's bedroom window. It was beautiful, and I told myself that I had to blog about this. And so, here I am. Blogging. About my view atop our composting john. Aren't you glad that you read this stuff? TSR is top-notch stuff. My view out of our bedroom window perched atop our John.Living in an Airstream (or any RV) out on
Apr 24, 2017·4 min read
In Retirement

Removing the bloody cloak of full-time work

Retiring early from full-time work taught me an important lesson: This world is full of opportunity. Of beautiful things. Of some seriously powerful shit ...
Apr 17, 2017·5 min read
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How to follow our traveling adventures

You people have been more than awesome over the past couple of years. Your visits. Your words of encouragement. Seriously, you guys make this community unbelievably welcoming. And to top it off, a lot of you have expressed interest in following us as we travel. First, I need to reiterate that this blog is going no where. I still plan to keep TSR active, but the posts here on this blog will relate more to the financial / lifestyle side of what we're up to rather than our travel and photography. B
Apr 2, 2017·1 min read