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Get ready Big Apple, here we come!

I might be the only person left who has never been to New York City. This year, we are going to fix that. Courtney and I are spending the next week in New York to take in the sights and experience a little of the Big Apple, first hand.
Sep 2, 2015·1 min read
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Back in the saddle after Glacier National Park

Hey guys, my wife and I have returned from an absolutely wonderful vacation to Glacier National Park in upstate Montana. It was tough to return, primarily because of our JOBS that we must satisfy until we are fully ready to retire early and travel the country in 2017. This trip only solidified our plan of full time RV-living, traveling around this beautiful country, taking in our national and state parks, and spending as much time as possible outdoors.
Jul 23, 2015·2 min read
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Achieving your Permanent Paradise

In 2014 we took a week-long trip to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. One of my favorite things when traveling to places like this is when the plane is getting close to landing. The temperature in the cabin gets warmer and warmer. You know you're getting close.
Jul 16, 2015·8 min read
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Off to Glacier National Park!

As many of you probably know, but only because I've been bragging about it incessantly, my wife and I will be taking a trip to upstate Montana for a week to visit one of the most beautiful and scenic locations on the face of the earth: Glacier National Park.
Jul 15, 2015·1 min read
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Could you live in an RV full time?

Recently, we discovered another option to our retirement plans - full time camping. Okay, maybe not "camping" in the traditional sense, but living in an RV full time and spending several years traveling around the country, seeing new places, meeting new people, seriously getting in touch with nature - and photographing the hell out of it.
Jul 6, 2015·3 min read

Think, Save, Explore! The photo blog is up!

The magical day has finally come - hurrah, hurrah! Honestly, I had originally planned to release our new adventure and photography blog in early July, but heck, there is no time like the present, right? And without further ado, our new blog has been officially released!
Jun 17, 2015·1 min read

Screw it, we are learning to camp

I will admit that for the most part, our idea of "camping" is choosing to stay at a Motel 6 rather than a Holiday Inn, scrimping by on less fluffy pillows and a sink where both the hot and cold water pour out of the same damn opening. Yeah, we suck at living off the grid.
May 20, 2015·3 min read
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Life is short, so live a little...they say

"Life is too short. I wanna have some fun now." Or, maybe it goes something like "Life's short, live a little". However it is said, the underlying point remains pretty clear: don't delay your ability to spend some serious cash. After all, "life is short".
May 13, 2015·4 min read

Lookie there! Spend money on experiences, not things!

Over the last couple of years, my wife and I have transitioned over to a philosophy of spending money on experiences rather than stuff - like trips to Sedona, Disney World, Glacier National Park for my birthday this coming July...even a pumpkin patch last October to get us into the mood for Halloween.
Apr 13, 2015·3 min read

Our Walt Disney World vacation

They say that Walt Disney World (Orlando, FL) is the happiest place on earth. I might also say it is the most detailed. Between Disney’s four parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom – what visitors get is something much more than just an amusement park.
Mar 8, 2015·7 min read
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Target Redcard: How does $72,000 in manufactured spending every year sound?

For the moment, Target is home to one of the most profoundly good deals in our economy. Target's no-annual-fee Prepaid Redcard lets customers load funds onto what they call their "Redcard", which is used just like a regular credit card and is accepted anywhere that American Express is.
Feb 24, 2015·4 min read
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Disney World: Plan ahead and start early!

My family recently completed our own little adventure through the planning process of a Disney World family vacation. We were all amazed at how much there is to do, places to eat, shows to see, rides to ride. Here is how to get your Disney World trip right!
Feb 20, 2015·4 min read