Reflecting on 2015: A year of fun and insane saving

18 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2015: A year of fun and insane saving”

  1. I can’t believe you two moved up your retirement date 5 years in 2015! That is unbelievable!

    Congrats on a great year. I’m looking forward to following you guys throughout 2016 to see your final preparations for your RETIREMENT in a year! I can’t imagine how exciting it is to know that the date is set and it isn’t that far away anymore. Happy New Year Steve!

    1. Thanks Thias! 2015 was a great year, and I’m hoping that 2016 will be even better. It’s my retirement year! 🙂

      Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. Hey, Steve. I’m jealous! Mrs. Groovy and I made it to Montana a few years ago but didn’t get to Glacier. Montana is definitely the most beautiful state we’ve visited so far. We hope to get to Coeur d’Alene and Glacier in 2017. And congratulations on 2015. I think you’ve established a keen insight: more saving plus more minimalism plus more adventure equals more happiness. May your 2016 be just as “bad ass.” Cheers.

    1. It’s true, Montana really is amazing. We definitely plan to spend more time up there, as well as Idaho and Washington State, in the next couple of years as we roll into full time travel. Beautiful country!

  3. Your RVing plan is my retirement dream! I cannot wait to be tuning in to your blog in 2017 following your travels and adventures. Many congratulations for all of the hard work you two put in – it is now almost time to reap the rewards.

    Downsizing has been one of my accomplishments this year as well, and it is already making a huge difference in our lives.

    Wishing each of you (and your dogs!) a very happy 2016.

    1. Thanks ID – it will definitely be an interesting year, and we are looking forward to getting into it. Appreciate the well wishes, and I definitely return them back your way! 🙂

  4. That sounds like a great 2015! I’m excited to see how the final year of planning goes in 2016, but I’m guessing most will be “stay the course” type planning.
    We went through a similar realization in that since one of us will most likely have income someway, we were able to move our date up to 2017 with a job or 2018 without. We’ve also gone back to looking out west and Coeur D’Alene is back in talks along with other out west towns.
    Funny how things change over a year.

    1. You’re right, Mr. SSC, it’s gonna be a lot of “stay the course” this year, just to finish out my last year of work with the greatest net worth that we can manage. We love Coeur D’Alene and will definitely return!

  5. Now you have less than one year to go – are you nervous? You all have had an amazing year -especially with solidifying your goal and plans. I started freaking out last week because I was thinking we could be FI in as little as 18 months, and we have no idea really where we want to move. I’m going to print out a map of the US so we can start crossing off states and regions! That’s the one thing with kids – is we don’t want to move maybe more that two more times before they graduate high school.

    1. Honestly, I’m not nervous in the slightest. In fact, I want it to come, and fast – like, maybe tomorrow. I’m not nervous because I know that we’re flexible enough to make it work, even if it’s not exactly to plan. And nothing wrong with being FI in 18 months! 🙂

  6. Love reading this rundown of your year — and that great new idea for cupcakes on the road! LOL

    Like you, we’ve been totally floored by the amazing people in the PF community, and the support from all corners, and we can’t imagine not continuing with our blog. Sometimes I want to swap blog life in for real life. 🙂

    I’m sure it stings a bit knowing you wasted money on the Ridgeline, but you learned from it, so it’s not really a waste. And you guys have done so much to optimize this year and move up your timeline. if you’d made better financial decisions when you were younger, you still wouldn’t be able to quit sooner because of the social security credits problem! 😉 So I’d say you’re pretty much kicking ass on every level, and I can’t wait to see how things unfold for you guys in 2016 and beyond!

    1. Thanks ONL, totally agree on swapping blog life for real life, or at least finding a way to do it full time. Sometimes it seems like a full time job, but it’s one of those jobs that I actually never get tired of doing.

      This is gonna be one super fun year. Let’s just hope the market decides to play along. 🙂

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